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Get your USP (Unique Spawn Point) by buying a .metaverse domain


Join the metaverse with State1's "Metaverse Lucky Draw" lottery!

Get as many tickets as possible to participate in the final drawing and be able to win up to 10.000 SBK (withdrawable in USDT), a trip to Disneyland Paris, a palace in the metaverse or many more!

Buy USPs and get a lottery ticket for every 7 SBK spent! Furthermore, if you find one of the 100 magic words your tickets will be tripled and you will win one of the instant prizes (10 to 100% cashback, 5 to 500 SBK or a flat).

During your search for the magic words you will have the chance to win free tickets, look for as many as possible! If you are a new user, together with the first free ticket you will receive 5 SBK to spend in the metaverse!

Sign up and purchase your own domain in the metaverse which will serve as your entry point into this new world.


TOP 100 USPs

Get your USP now! Charge your SBK.

Get your USP (Unique Spawn Point) by buying a .metaverse domain.

The USP is a customizable access point that you can associate with your property and allows the connection between the real world and the virtual one.

USPs connect all properties to each other and can be private, public or you can set a price to use them:
- set your flat private and it can be used only by you or whoever you invite
- set your shop with public entry and connect it to the world
- set your course, your cinema, your museum, your show or your game with paid admission.

Once purchased, starting from the next update, you will find your USPs in your reserved area and you'll be able to associate them with your properties or your plots and set a description. It will be used to find your property in the search engine of the metaverse (such as 'google of the metaverse').

Your USP can also be resold to create a speculation: you can choose the sale price or receive offers from other users.