Case Studies - State1


Immersive XR (AR & VR) solutions for every sector

University of Cagliari: Expanding Visions with XR, AI, and Blockchain Technologies

State1 promotes XR (AR/VR) technologies, AI, and blockchain by conducting classes for students and events with other industry professionals in collaboration with the University of Cagliari. This initiative aims to expand State1's vision and position itself as an industry expert. Additionally, for certain university courses, immersive lessons are currently being developed, allowing students to see and interact with study topics for a more hands-on approach.

Virtual Clinic: Revolutionizing Remote Medical Consultations with ASL (government health location)

State1 has developed Virtual Clinic, a secure immersive space for remote medical consultations between prison inmates and doctors. This significantly reduces the need for transportation from prison to hospital, enhancing security and reducing costs. Moreover, it saves time by reducing travel distances and increasing the number of consultations possible. Virtual Clinic ensures a high level of immersion and engagement, making patients feel at ease and fostering a more personal relationship with the doctor.

Ruzza Watches: Immersive Rolex Shopping Experience

Ruzza Watches is a prominent reseller of Rolex watches. After studying the strategy and needs for creating an immersive space for its commercial activities, State1 is developing a solution that allows customers to view the watches, even on their own wrists, using their smartphones through AR technology or through VR headsets. Customers can view the watches immersively, choosing from the store's availability, and then book a consultation to purchase. Additionally, with the help of State1 AI, users will be guided to the watch that best matches their needs.

Cristian 'Bobo' Vieri, Nicola Ventola, Filippo Magnini: Enhancing Fan Interaction with Immersive Solutions

Numerous athletes and former athletes, such as Cristian 'Bobo' Vieri and Nicola Ventola (former Serie A professional footballers) and Filippo Magnini (former world swimming champion), have requested immersive solutions to enhance interaction with their fans. Thanks to State1, these athletes can host immersive events with their fans, conduct masterclasses or courses, or invite them to dedicated experiences, reducing distances and enabling unprecedented quality interactions. Immersive museums and e-commerce platforms featuring 3D-scanned trophies and medals of these athletes will also be developed. Additionally, with the help of State1 AI, digital twins of the athletes will be created, allowing fans to talk and ask questions about their history and sports achievements.

Dancan Srl: Transforming Corporate Training with Immersive Spaces

Dancan Srl provides corporate training courses, and State1 has provided immersive spaces that reduce distances while maintaining high interaction quality and training standards. This is achieved through the tracking of facial expressions and hand gestures. Additionally, with the integration of State1 AI, virtual trainers can provide standard training courses and allow clients to ask personalized questions and receive customized responses.

FitUp: Immersive Gym Tours and Online Memberships

FitUp is a major gym chain in Italy. State1 has created an immersive solution that allows potential clients to take a 3D tour of the gym, view the equipment, and purchase a membership online. State1 is also exploring the development of immersive training courses using AR and VR technologies with FitUp.

Conca D'Oro Shopping Center: Certified Avatars for E-commerce and Beyond

In collaboration with the Conca D'Oro shopping center in Palermo, State1 installed a body scanner for three months to sell certified avatars (with the person's measurements calculated). This allows anyone to have their digital twin on State1. The avatar can be used to try on verified clothes and check their fit and size remotely before placing an online order, significantly reducing the costs associated with e-commerce returns. Additionally, avatars can be used to preview hairstyles or potential surgical procedures.

Sifu Paolo Cangelosi: Immersive Kung Fu Training with Digital Avatars

Sifu Paolo Cangelosi, a Kung Fu and martial arts master with over 1500 students, travels the world conducting seminars and classes in the most prestigious martial arts gyms. State1 is developing immersive solutions to enable him to conduct remote courses through his avatar (digital twin) using VR technology, maintaining high engagement levels. This includes private sessions controlled by Sifu Paolo Cangelosi and standard lessons using motion capture technology combined with State1 AI, allowing users to ask any questions they have. Additionally, an immersive museum and e-commerce platform featuring 3D-scanned iconic items will be developed.

Giuliano Bendinelli (european poker champion): Immersive Poker Courses with VR

Giuliano Bendinelli, the European poker champion, has requested State1 to develop an immersive solution to provide clients with poker courses using VR technology. This allows them to immerse themselves in the situation, experience the emotions of the poker table, and learn all the strategies.

Ellenika: Unique and Immersive Wine Sales Experience

State1 collaborates with Ellenika to create a unique and immersive wine sales experience. Using AR and VR technologies, customers can virtually explore Ellenika's vineyards, learn about the wine production process, and virtually taste different vintages, viewing the details interactively. Users can also participate in immersive winery tours guided by Ellenika's sommeliers. With the integration of State1 AI, they receive personalized wine recommendations suited to their tastes and special occasions.

[NDA] Football Teams: Immersive Stadium Experiences for Fans

State1 has developed immersive solutions for football teams that faithfully reproduce the stadiums. Fans can participate in immersive events, explore trophy museums, and experience matches in an engaging way, with real-time information and interactive statistics, thanks to VR technology. These experiences allow fans to feel an integral part of the team, engaging in exclusive interactions and activities.

[NDA] Italian Car Manufacturers: Real Size Immersive Car Visualizations and Test Drives

Leading Italian car manufacturers are collaborating with State1 to create immersive experiences for viewing cars in real size through AR and VR technologies. Customers can customize vehicles with various options and colors, viewing them in real time. Additionally, immersive test drives are available, accurately replicating the driving experience in different road conditions. These solutions enable potential buyers to make informed decisions and enjoy an innovative purchasing experience.

[NDA] Fashion Brands: Try On Clothes with Digital Avatars

State1 is developing immersive solutions for fashion brands, allowing users to view and try on clothes on digital avatars with the same sizes as the user. This innovative system helps verify the fit of clothes before purchase, significantly reducing return costs. With AR and VR technologies, users can also see how outfits look in various situations and combinations, making it easier to choose the perfect look.

[NDA] Real Estate Sales: Immersive Property Viewings

For the real estate sector, State1 offers immersive visualization solutions for buildings, whether already constructed or on paper, using AR and VR technologies. Potential buyers can explore properties remotely, see certified views from windows, and fully understand the layout of spaces. These interactive experiences enable buyers to make more informed decisions and purchase remotely with greater confidence.

[NDA] Travel Agencies: Preview Your Vacation with AR and VR

State1 collaborates with travel agencies to create immersive experiences of proposed travel packages. Using AR and VR technologies, customers can preview destinations, explore accommodations, and experience included activities in advance. This innovation allows travelers to make more informed choices and get a taste of their vacations in an engaging way.

[NDA] Launch Events for Commercial Activities: Innovative Immersive Brand Experiences

State1 organizes launch events for new commercial activities in immersive spaces. These events include virtual showrooms of products, mini-games like treasure hunts to find discounts, and other interactive activities. The immersive solutions enable participants to explore and interact with products innovatively, creating a unique and memorable launch experience for new brands.