State1: Immersive XR solutions for businesses and their customers


Immersive XR solutions for businesses and their customers

Immersive XR Solutionss


State1 creates immersive XR (VR & AR) solutions, enabling businesses to keep up with technological innovations, enhance customer interactions and engagement, and increase revenue.

In addition to having standalone immersive solutions or integrating them into their traditional websites, all businesses will become part of the State1 Ecosystem, an advanced search engine that allows potential target customers to enjoy products and services innovatively.

Furthermore, State1 AI will guide users towards solutions that suit their needs, increasing sales for all companies within the ecosystem.

Immersive XR Solutionss


State1 can create an immersive solution for you using XR technology, which includes Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR).

We will work with you to understand your needs and the profile of your customers in order to develop a strategy that increases user interaction and engagement, boosting your sales and/or visibility.

Additionally, with State1 AI, we can integrate virtual assistants that will converse with customers and guide them through purchasing your product or service.

Your business will also become part of the State1 Ecosystem, an advanced search engine that allows target customers to enjoy products and services in an innovative way. With State1 ADS, you can position yourself at the top of search results within our search engine for users interested in your products and services.

Immersive XR Solutionss


State1 allows you to access products and services innovatively through XR technology, which includes virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).

Within the State1 Ecosystem, you can find commercial activities spanning all sectors: from clothing to motors, from sports to education, from training to entertainment, and any other field you can imagine.

You can find immersive activities through our advanced search engine, and with the help of State1 AI, you'll be guided to find the product or service that suits you best.

Additionally, for the more visionary, State1 is also navigable as a virtual state where businesses are located in a 3D world in the form of buildings. You can explore it in extended reality (XR), experiencing unprecedented adventures and benefiting from the immersive solutions offered by the companies within the ecosystem.

Moreover, a digital twin of the products sold by the companies will be available for use by your avatar within the virtual state.

Immersive XR Solutions


State1, strongly linked to the web2 world, is also open to blockchain technology and the web3 world, as it will be a revolutionary technology in the near future, along with XR (VR & AR) and AI. We are the winning mix of web2 and web3 worlds: web2.5!

Web3 users will be able to accumulate and use GoldBrick, the currency of State1, as a payment method to purchase products and services within the State1 Ecosystem, enjoying discounts, benefits, and rewards.

State1 has a dedicated section for GoldBrick users called Golden Square, offering exclusive products, services, and incredible benefits for GBCK holders, where payment is only possible through the token.

Moreover, every transaction, whether executed in FIAT or crypto, will have its trace on the blockchain thanks to the automatic conversion into GoldBrick, with the recipient then able to choose whether to receive FIAT, crypto, or GoldBrick.

Immersive XR Solutions


Users will also be provided with the State1 Card, a debit card linked to the State1 account that will allow spending of GoldBrick or FIAT currency both in the real world and online.

Using GoldBrick as a payment method, whether through a card or wallet payment, enables users to receive discounts, cashback, rewards, and exclusive benefits.

We are also working on a Time Bank, starting from Italy and then expanding into Europe and beyond, allowing companies to use GoldBrick as legal tender to pay seasonal or part-time workers.