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The perfect mix of web2 & web3: web2.5

GoldBrick (GBCK)

State1, strongly linked to the web2 world, is also open to blockchain technology and the web3 world, as it will be a revolutionary technology in the near future, along with XR (VR & AR) and AI. We are the winning mix of web2 and web3 worlds: web2.5!

Web3 users will be able to accumulate and use GoldBrick, the currency of State1, as a payment method to purchase products and services within the State1 Ecosystem, enjoying discounts, benefits, and rewards.

State1 has a dedicated section for GoldBrick users called Golden Square, offering exclusive products, services, and incredible benefits for GBCK holders, where payment is only possible through the token.

Moreover, every transaction, whether executed in FIAT or crypto, will have its trace on the blockchain thanks to the automatic conversion into GoldBrick, with the recipient then able to choose whether to receive FIAT, crypto, or GoldBrick.

Users will also be provided with the State1 Card, a debit card linked to the State1 account that will allow spending of GoldBrick or FIAT currency both in the real world and online.

We are also working on a Time Bank, starting from Italy and then expanding into Europe and beyond, allowing companies to use GoldBrick as legal tender to pay seasonal or part-time workers.

GoldBrick (GBCK)


Network: BSC

Name: GoldBrick

Symbol: GBCK

Token Contract: 0x6605a6d03C2238C20F21ADF2bA5D206bAf3FDB86

Total Supply: 15.000.000

Token Launch Date: July 2024


Seed: 500.000 GBCK at $0.70 - Locked 12 months with 100% release at the end of the period.

Presale: 2.500.000 GBCK at $0.90 - 6 months linear vesting.

Public: 2.250.000 GBCK at $1.00 - No vesting.


Sale: 5.250.000 (35%) - More information in sale rounds section.

Marketing: 2.250.000 (15%) - 20 months linear vesting. 2 months cliff.

Team: 1.500.000 (10%) - 20 months linear vesting. 6 months cliff.

Staking: 1.500.000 (10%) - 20 months linear vesting. 2 months cliff.

Exchanges: 1.500.000 (10%) - Free (mostly for CEXs + small DEX pools).

Reserved: 3.000.000 (20%) - Locked. 30% released after 12 months, 30% released after 24 months, 40% released after 36 months.


Use GoldBrick for your daily expenses