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Access products and services innovatively through XR technology

Immersive XR Solutions

State1 allows you to access products and services innovatively through XR technology, which includes virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).

Within the State1 Ecosystem, you can find commercial activities spanning all sectors: from clothing to motors, from sports to education, from training to entertainment, and any other field you can imagine.

You can find immersive activities through our advanced search engine, and with the help of State1 AI, you'll be guided to find the product or service that suits you best.

Additionally, for the more visionary, State1 is also navigable as a virtual state where businesses are located in a 3D world in the form of buildings. You can explore it in extended reality (XR), experiencing unprecedented adventures and benefiting from the immersive solutions offered by the companies within the ecosystem.

Moreover, a digital twin of the products sold by the companies will be available for use by your avatar within the virtual state.

Within the virtual state, in addition to the numerous immersive products and services provided by companies, you can experience and create virtual businesses as a user. Explore the map and the marketplace.


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