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Do you have doubts, questions, or problems? Check State1's FAQ!

What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse, a term born in the cyberpunk world in 1992 and now in the limelight, is the evolution of the Internet, but does not replace it. It is a concept, which prefigures a set of interconnected virtual and real environments, populated by avatars who can interact to play, do business, live a second life and much more.

Why invest NOW in the metaverse and not in the future?

Our vision of the metaverse (along with blockchain technology) is like the web in the 90s, only those who believed in it benefited tremendously! Almost all the biggest tech companies in history were born together with the birth of the web (Google, 1998; Amazon, 1994; Meta "formerly Facebook", 2004).

Investing now in the metaverse, and in State1, means believing in the future, in the benefits it can bring and also having a huge profit opportunity, in the short and long term.

What is State1 Metaverse and why invest in it?

State1 Metaverse aims to become the leader in the metaverse field.

It will offer a metaverse, with a map of 225 million square meters, which will be unlocked periodically, will be accessible in virtual reality and with photorealistic graphics in which it will be possible to interact with users from all over the world and carry out any type of activity.

In State1 you will be able to transport your life into the digital world with infinite possibilities:

- you will be able to buy and enjoy your properties (apartments, villas, palaces), resell them or rent them out to earn money;
- you will be able to explore numerous areas, from the Center area to meet your favorite Italian and international celebrities, to the Circuit area to watch or compete in the racetrack with your favorite cars, up to the Red area where you can experience virtual sex;
- you will be able to buy a shop or commercial premises to open a business from scratch or transport an existing one and increase turnover by reaching a very high number of customers. We will support you in selling your products and services through NFT!
- you will be able to buy an office and meet your collaborators and/or employees in the metaverse from all over the world.

State1 Metaverse, due to its characteristics, has already been chosen by numerous famous people and every day we work on collaborations with many others who want to become citizens! The latter, in addition to providing users with an unforgettable experience thanks to the possibility of interacting with them, gradually increase the value of the metaverse properties.

When will State1's metaverse be ready?

During 2022 we have increased the number of citizens of State1 by selling the properties of the metaverse: apartments, buildings, shops and offices and many SQM.

The first phase is augmented reality (AR); all property owners can visit their properties in AR.

In 2023 many areas of State1 Metaverse will be open to visitors and it will be possible to interact with them in virtual reality (VR) or in first person.

In 2024, State1 will be a huge city where you can live, do business, play, relax, meet your favorite characters, drive your dream car entirely via virtual reality and together with users from all over the world!

Why do we think State1 will be so popular?

State1's metaverse also aims to populate itself with famous Italian and international characters, this to make the metaverse unique and give ever greater value to the properties purchased!

How do I buy a property in State1 Metaverse?

It is possible to buy a property in State1 on the marketplace using a debit/credit card, bank transfer, in 3 comfortable installments through Klarna or using cryptocurrencies.

For a personalized quote or to issue an invoice, you can contact us at state1@state1.io or via the live chat on our website.

For any doubts, questions or problems we are available to help you via email, live chat or social channels.

What do I get when I buy in the State1 marketplace?

After buying one or more properties within the State1 marketplace, you will receive the relevant NFT certifying your ownership and you can see it in your private area. If you don't know how to proceed, we'll guide you step by step (even for opening the wallet!).

All our NFTs are on the Polygon network: high speed and very low gas fees!

From the private area you can also see your property in augmented reality!

Can I get an example of an investment in State1?

The easiest investments are obtained by buying from the Marketplace and reselling when the available properties run out or at lower prices, after which they will increase due to scarcity. Here are some examples:

- I can buy a basic 80sqm apartment in the Residential area or a 150 sq m one in the Center area and then resell it on the secondary market at a higher price when the units are sold out or the value increases;
- I can buy an 11-story or 17-story building and resell the apartments on the secondary market, multiplying my investment by more than 4 times.

How do I know if I own the property?

Every property you purchase will be handed over to you in the form of an NFT guaranteeing you uniqueness and possession. Through your wallet you can check the properties in your possession at any time and decide whether to keep them or resell them!

All our NFTs are on the Polygon network: high speed and very low gas fees!

Can I transport my business inside the metaverse?

Yes, it is possible. You can purchase your shop/business/office in the metaverse and place it wherever you like.

It is furnishable and can be visited by your customers and users of the metaverse. If you need we can support you in creating NFTs to use for the sale of your products!

Will I be able to sell my products and/or services in the metaverse?

We can help you create resalable NFTs for your products and/or services, contact us to find out more.

You can write to us at state1@state1.io or live chat on our website.

How do I become a State1 citizen? And what benefits do I get?

To become a citizen, it is sufficient to have an 80 m2 apartment in the Suburban area or in higher areas.

Benefits include: ongoing support and advice on navigating the metaverse from the State1 team; inclusion in a private group with other citizens and benefits throughout the State1 metaverse, with exclusive events and actions. A citizen can be of various "levels": Basic, Plus, Advanced, VIP. The higher you are in “level” the greater your advantages and privileges will be!

What is the difference between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)?

Augmented reality (AR) enriches the surrounding environment with information superimposed on the real world (3D objects, texts and multimedia elements) allowing users to have interactive experiences.

It is available through normal mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. but also through "glasses" with special lenses.

Virtual reality, on the other hand, consists of a totally new world that exists only in digital form and with which it is possible to interact and immerse yourself in first person through a VR viewer.